A Clean & Alternative Vision

For Canadian Natural Gas

Nauticol is an Alberta-based petrochemical company that will produce value-added products from natural gas. The company has proposed developments in two Canadian locations: Grande Prairie, Alberta and Bécancour, Québec.

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Nauticol has also announced its intention to build a $2 billion methanol facility near Grande Prairie. The project will produce up to 3 million metric tonnes of methanol per year. Commercial operation for this leading-edge facility is forecast for 2022.

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Bécancour, Québec

In Quebec, Nauticol and IFFCO Canada created ProjetBécancour.ag, a Limited Partnership, to develop an integrated methanol urea facility, capable of producing 1 million tonnes of methanol and 700 thousand tonnes of urea annually. The proposed facility will be located in the industrial park of Bécancour. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2020, with commercial operation targeted for 2022. For detailed information about our Québec project, visit PROJETBÉCANCOUR.AG

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Proposed Operations

Nauticol is proposing to develop, build, own and operate natural gas to methanol facilities in Grande Prairie in an environmentally safe and responsible way that provides value to the community, employees and shareholders.

The single largest market for methanol is in China, where it has the advantage of being a cleaner energy alternative feedstock for the production of a variety of industrial and consumer products. As China and other Asian economies attempt to reduce their use of coal to improve air quality, methanol demand is expected to increase significantly.

The Nauticol design uses a reformer that is fed water, natural gas and air for combustion; a methanol synthesis stage that creates raw methanol; and a final purification stage that produces methanol product for loading onto rail cars. The methanol product will be exported via rail to markets throughout North America and to Asia through export facilities.

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Target completion dates

2021     2022

    Phase 1       Phase 2 & 3

Utilizing approximately

300 million ft3

of natural gas per day

Ultimately producing

3 million tonnes

of methanol per year

Creating an estimated

1,000 construction jobs

An essential petrochemical


Methanol is a multi-purpose chemical that has several end-uses including fuels (automotive, marine, etc.), electronics, construction materials, solvents and petrochemicals. Methanol production is safe and odourless.

MethanolThe Process

MethanolWhat is it used for

Nauticol's Grande Prairie

Methanol Facility

The Nauticol facility design uses a reformer that is fed water, natural gas and air for combustion; a methanol synthesis stage that creates raw methanol; and a final purification stage that produces methanol product for loading onto rail cars.



Accessing global markets

Strategic Location

The proposed Nauticol facility will be located in the County of Grande Prairie near the existing International Paper Canada pulp mill (a methanol consumer). The site is approximately 10 kilometres south of the City of Grande Prairie.

A number of utility synergies are expected by selecting this location including water usage, electricity use, improved rail logistics and natural gas supply.

RAIL: Train traffic entering and exiting the site will not travel through the City of Grande Prairie. Rail cars will enter and exit the site from the south.

ROADS: Nauticol is working with neighbouring industry and nearby residents to minimize traffic volumes during peak times (ie. shift change).

Overhead Map

Reducing Impact

Environmental Stewardship

Nauticol is focused on intelligent and efficient execution while minimizing the impact on the environment. Sustainable development is at the core of all of our decisions. Our company continuously challenges itself to find smarter ways to use natural resources, drive integration and eliminate waste to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Grande Prairie facility will set new standards for CO2 emissions in Alberta using the latest technology. Building a highly modularized facility on existing disturbed land, and optimizing infrastructure with industrial neighbours, reduces the project’s ecological footprint by 50%, compared to a traditional methanol facility of this scale.


    Nauticol is committed to protecting our water resource by using water responsibly in our operations

  • RAIL

    Trains leaving the facility will not travel through the City of Grande Prairie


    High value added processing for Canadian Resources

  • SITE

    Repurposing an existing disposal site


    Drives highest efficiency of resources, job opportunities and economics

Proven Team

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Mark Tonner

President & CEO

Tim Stauft

Chief Commercial Officer

Matt Scorah

Chief Technology Officer

Marc Adler

Chief Legal Officer

Wayne Drysdale

Senior Vice President

Mark Smigelski

Engineering Manager

Georgia Little

Vice President, Finance

Terri Ellen Sudnik

Director of Communication & Consultation

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Complementary Skilled

Leo De Bever


Kevin Nugent


Rob Pockar


Bruce Clarke


Nauticol Collaborations

Alberta Government
Baker Hughes - A GE Company
Trans Canada
The City of Grande Prairie
County of Grande Prairie No. 1
Haldor Topsoe
Spartan Controls
Western Cree Tribal Council
Duncan's First Nation
Horse Lake First Nation
Sturgeon Lake First Nation